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सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा, सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा...

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"की हाल है सतलुज दा?"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday !!!

Another day of the calender passed. Another day spent of my life. Another day with a fine blend of emotions and happiness passed. It was a day with nothing exceptional; just as I had thought, yet I am not happy- neither am I sad-well that's how reality is. You accept it without reservations, you don't cry. You don't, time be the savior!

Today was someone special's birthday. I had planned not to call her; well that is how revenge is taken. She hadn't called me on my birthday, I should neither. Yet, as the clock struck a new day, the phone was in my hands and the number was dialed. For two consecutive years I had been the first person to wish her birthday, but this time it was the third-third are usually different! Her phone was busy.

Ego is a wonderful thing. Wonderful in a sense, gives you a momentary satisfaction that I am right. Well as the so afore-defined 'right' wanted I didn't try the second time. She called after five minutes and the 'right' state again ruled- I didn't pick up the phone.

Well as I said the day had been a mix of emotions and happiness. Now coming to the happiness part- my youngest maternal uncle's wife gave birth to a fine daughter. It's a child born in their house after a time period of 27 years.

By the way in case you are wondering what happened next in the earlier incident- I called her after a five minutes gap. No personal chat. No olden days recalled. No personal talks done. Only birthday wishes!