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सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा, सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा...

रवि तो चेनाब पुछदा,

"की हाल है सतलुज दा?"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First sign of maddness!

I had my final practical last week, and I was forced to believe Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Datta had a tint of truth when they wrote their novels.

One of my practical final was of Microprocessor. We were group of four who were simultaneously called for viva-voce. I was sitting beside a 9.7 pointer who intermittently went into hysteria of definitions and explanations before the sitting. I was asked the first question,”what is microprocessor?” the question in itself was not difficult but I was expecting something better. I replied,’ err…microprocessor…is a processing unit which accepts input and gives us output. It can perform various logical and mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication etc…”

The invigilator asked X, the 9.7 pointer, “Would you like to add something?”

“Sure, sir” She took a long breath and fired away an answer similar to a volcano emanating from the mouth of Hungarian Horntail in Harry Potter. She fired in a single breath, “A microprocessor is a multipurpose, programmable, clock driven, register based electronic device that reads binary instructions from a storage device called memory accepts binary data as input and processes data according to those instructions and provides result as output.”

I was just on the verge of taking out my cell and calling the ambulance fearing she was going to have an attack of hypoxia.

My practical are finally over and I have my semesters coming from 2nd December, and I am planning to start the herculean task of studying as soon as I complete this blog. However, believe me it is pretty difficult to study especially when 1)you are surrounded by snow clad mountains who shriek whenever you pick up a course book-“dumb ass it is a crime not to sleep in this weather!”, and 2)when you are in love.

Unfortunately I have both these conditions applicable to me and my latest love is legendary. “Legendary” at its height! [Even Barny Stenson would have gasped after hearing it!] For one her name is Ananya Swaminathan (though I still have problems pronouncing her name properly. I am looking forward to Tamil classes these holidays) and two she is an imaginary girl who surfaced in the fourth book of Chetan Bhagat “two states”.

P.S. 1:-- I don’t need a psychologist or a psychiatrist; and ha in case you know the real person on whom Ananya is based please let me know! At least I can do something about my love problem!(I still have my fingers crossed for my papers and am open for help from the fellows going to sit around me in the semester papers.)

P.S. 2:-X is a real person of my class. I had kept in lieu of X her real name for a few hours, however tending to her objections i had to change it to X.[if you can read between the lines, i am afraid of litigation she might file against me. so better keep bay!]

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Third Hill ffair, or hill affair!!!

Boys are enslaves of two things (I am not talking of Rammuraari Dwivedi. He is an exception to this rule). Girls and the obvious things to be done with them! They earn to get a good girl, they show off to get a good girl, and they fool around to get a good girl. Good here never meant nature!

We had our Hill ‘ffair, our college’s cultural fest, the last week. As clearly the name suggests it is all about an-affair on the hill, or what the name wants to convey is “damn loser go and have an affair”. These three days belonged to two groups of people. The first group hunting someone to present a rose to, and the second group of which I was a part; I shall talk about the second elite group in the ending para.

The prime thing I have learnt this Hill 'ffair is-break your friendship with your friend who is planning to give a rose to a girl! In case he gets ditched he is going to get drunk and make your shoulders a wet handkerchief. One of my friends really did that! I had to abandon my sweater.

The three days of this ‘ffair are full of excitement, joy and being perky, for boys it goes pervy. We, here 'we' are the elite second group of gazers who find constellations and stars on the road rather than the sky. Given a chance with a telescope in an astronomical class, we shall be found focusing it on the girls’ hostel till the teacher bumps our head and makes us believe that spanking can lead to unequal butts! So ‘we’ find our stars on roads, and days and nights hardly make a difference. Gaurav, Davesh and I found a decent spot to star gaze on all the three Hill ‘ffair nights. Our fourth friend could be found sulking in one of the chairs. Thankfully, Davesh’s girl never saw him sitting with me. Bad for him; it was his once in a life time opportunity to be single again; and as far as Gaurav goes I hardly think he will ever manage to get a girl by himself. His godliness of saving water by not taking a bath makes him a special species which graces the earth rarely in centuries.

On a lighter note, our spoof sucked this time. I played the role of Hermoine in my last year Hill ffair, read the blog in which I am wearing a wig. People either were too dumb to catch the missing storyline, or we were too much imaginative while we made it. The only positive thing was we were spared from being hit with rotten tomatoes and eggs, though my friends, who gave me bumps for killing their time, made up for it! I made sure to pass them on to the directors of our spoof.

The fashion parade as usual sucked and it is no news. The dramatics came up with a few good events. They did not forget to joke the names of all the beauties that exist or ever existed in our college, and to come up with so many beauties really surprised me. How come I failed to observe them during my three years in this college! Believe me it is a scarce commodity. As economics puts it-”when supply is less demand is too high”. To put it without beating the bush dramatics just ended up a millimeter short of vulgarity!

One thing that surely catches the attention of all boys of our college is the otherwise not so good looking girls who appear as angels on these three nights. It feels like falling in love with all these girls only for these three nights. As soon as I saw a girl the first thing that crossed my mind was to present her a rose and as I went towards the rose desk, to spend my dad's hard toiled 25 rupees on a single rose, I saw another one worth presenting a flower to making me forget who the first girl was. Oscillating between the dilemma of whom to present a flower to, I used the 25 rupees on a lavishing burger! Though ruing it when I saw the guest colleges coming.

Manish Bhatt made history this hill ffair. He gave thirty different roses to thirty different girls. The flowers got over when he went for the 31st one!