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सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा, सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा...

रवि तो चेनाब पुछदा,

"की हाल है सतलुज दा?"

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wednesday was a pretty happening day...happening in the sense a lot of things happened not as good as I would have wished it to be, yet certainly happenings worth mentioning.

I had a class to attend at morning 10:20. I woke up late and reached the class door at 10:40. The teacher politely ridiculed me by saying, "aren't you a bit too early for the next class?"

The teachers don't realize it is hard to be on time when you have movies to watch till morning wee hours. Moreover, the next class was of a teacher who is named as Vinod with a sobriquet 'Voltage' attached by the geniuses of my class; he is a genius in the field he teaches, and he teaches us moral education and how to build up self esteem in his allotted period of Linear Integrated Circuits. So there was no chance I would come up that eagerly to attend a moral education class, unless my attendance is short.

I passed the rest half an hour ogling at passer-by's, especially if they were girls. The readers please pity the engineering college boys, because IIT's and NIT's have males and non-males. We don't have females.

I entered the class room when the class finished. Took out the Manticore's Secret and continued reading it from the page I had left. Reading to find out what happens next in the book is better than listening to a moral education lecture from 'voltage'. My parents are better suited at this task!

The teacher entered and tuned his brain to the 'sanskar' TV frequency and started a 'mini muraari baapu' show. It was somewhere after a while he caught me not listening to him. By the time he pointed me out and made me stand I shoved the book to the next guy sitting to me. I had been waiting for the exact words to be uttered and he uttered after a few minutes. 'Get out from the class!'

I enthusiastically moved out of the class room. Attendance of the day had been taken, and I was marked present.

Next class was of Digital Image Processing. A hairless guy, hairless not brainless this time, takes our class. He was a 9.5 something pointer when he was in college, and is considered intelligent by a better part of the students community. He is a nerd from my point of view.

I like him as a teacher. At least he teaches what is there in the subject and spares us the agony of listening to moral education lectures. He continued from where he had left in the last lecture. He wrote 'f1(x)=∑√2*f0(x)'

Well, most of the class sits blank in his lecture. His most of the teaching are OTH(over the head). I stood up and asked him how the roots over 2 come into picture. He tried to explain it, however I wasn't able to understand. He said come to my room later on, I will make you understand.

He continued with his teaching and derived two more formulae from the previous formula, and this really irritated me. Nearly ninety percent of the class doesn't know what the equation is, and out of the rest ten percent hardly one boy knows why the root over 2 came, and he continued with deriving the next formula using the √2 equation!

I took out the subject book, and started reading the portion where √2 's explanation was given. He saw me reading it and said, "If you can really understand from the book, why are you attending my lecture? Please leave the room.”

So basically, I was turned out of class twice today. Once for reading a novel and once for reading the book I should have been reading.