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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The award known as- Oscar

Finally ,as usual as any other year, another movie was sent for National Academy awards, however unusual of any other year this time it won!The point is not whether it deserved or not, indeed it was a movie well made, well directed and well acted; however it has been the same case with a dozen earlier movies sent for this so-much coveted award.Even they were made and acted with equal excellency and in some cases they were better.

The reason i attribute to why Slumdog Millionare won is, forgive me to be so blatant,it showed the world the poverty of India; it showed the world we have a slum named Dharavi famous for being the greatest slum region in Asia- a living place for a million. Mumbai the financial capital of the Great India with a population of over 10 million has slum pockets which cover a mere 6% of the land in Mumbai, hold 60% of the population. This means that those tiny slum enclaves hold a staggering 6 million people. India which half an century ago was a despicable land worth sneering and mocked at- thanks to the Britishers, has started giving frowns to a major of economies, and how can the same economies stop making a mock of our nation when they have a chance.

The underbelly of India, Daharavi and all slum pockets have once again come into fore being and the purpose of Oscar which should have been appreciating the hard work and master work of our technicians and artists has appreciated the casteism, corruption, and poverty of our nation; and have proved that- India you are just a third world country, with pretensions of becoming a super power.If you want to win an Oscar go on one of these lines which actually breathe in every of its nook and corner; while the producers and directors of other countries can adopt a book and win Oscars.