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Monday, April 14, 2014


Long ago when the span of Universe was measured in terms of kilometers rather than light years the Earth and the Sun existed close by. They were different than what you see them today; they could touch each other. Sun was soothing- a ball of light, rather than a furious, incinerating piece of fire as perceived today. He was milder, warmer and comfortable; the Earth was more beautiful than what you see her now. Both were young and just freshly out of the Creator’s hands. Immortal time is the sole observer and detail keeper of the magnanimity of the events that occurred. It keeps track of all activities from birth till death. It narrates:

“Ever thy, in future you feel,
The touch of ice on hot steel,
The smell of first rain,
The dangling of heart in pure pain;
When you feel the pangs of heart,
Hitting alike multiple poisoned dart,
Always recall the Sun’s love
The cringe of pain of its beloved dove!”

The Sun had deeply fallen in love with the Earth, and the Earth felt no different for the Sun. All other gods and demi-gods used to say, “Who is more beautiful than the lovely Earth and who is more charming than the bright Sun?” They were the perfect match God had ever created, or would ever create in future. Together the Earth and the Sun dreamed. They dreamed of spending time till eternity in each others’ arms.

“No day and no night existed,
All that existed was love;
All that existed were dreams,
All that existed were undefined realms.
They loved with a zeal unknown
They loved with a passion unseen.
Where love blossoms is a tender heart
Cruel is heart that does them apart!

In the upper realm of existence Gods existed before the Earth and the Sun were created. In fact, Gods are the one who created the Earth and the Sun. They are the one who are more powerful and more ambitious than the love-struck birds. The Gods counseled and dreamt of a “bigger dream”, they dreamt human, dreamt to see million species falling in love, dreamt of million species praying, dreamt of million species struggling with life, struggling with emotions and riches and rotting in death to oblivion. The poor Earth and the poor Sun on the contrary had no high flaunting ambitions. They just had dreams; beautiful, idyllic dreams of lying in each others’ presence till eternity. In Gods eyes, creation of the Earth and the Sun was just a tool- a tool to fulfill their so called “bigger dream”. Future is the prerogative of the Gods, and Gods are the ones who wield power to create, destroy, and annihilate; who seeks the opinions of mere tools? The tools are akin to pawns that are meant to be sacrificed for the greater good.

In a place, as small as the Universe back then, words travelled fast. The ambitions of higher powers troubled the Earth dearly. One fine moment, when the Earth was basking in the warmth of the Sun, and the Sun was cheerfully enjoying the Earth, she said, “What is going to happen my love? Will you leave me alone? The mighty darkness of the Universe is expanding and it will succumb me into its oblivion. ”

The tensed Sun replied in a distressed voice, a voice that carried the apprehensions of his heart but a voice that was brave to speak the truth, “if my words carry any weight in your life then stay assured; never has the Sun loved anyone as dearly as the Earth and never in future he shall ever fall in love. I won’t let you fall into darkness, even if I have to burn every nook and corner of the Universe to cipher. ”

The Sun went to the Gods, and was asked to be the centre of the Solar System. The gods had planned him to be the harbinger and centre of life. Hearts in love desire no power, and no glory. The Sun was the first heart to be broken in the events of mankind.

The Earth cried and huge tears dropped from her eyes. Over the span of time, many tears went aloft, many got consumed by the vastness of the ever expanding Universe; however one tear still remains clear in the sky. Every night the Earth’s children see the tear, the Earth shed for its beloved, and call it the beautiful Moon. It is derived from the Earth’s ‘Moan’. There are moments when the Earth loses control and bursts to release the pain welling up inside it and the insensitive man calls volcanoes beautiful. If pain is beautiful then why is to unbearable?

The Sun, ever since, burns in agony. He burns to keep the Earth alight and to prevent hert from falling into oblivion.  The jewel that dropped from Earth’s eyes finds itself beautiful just by receiving the minimum share of his agony possible. The bodies closer to him- the Mercury and the Venus scathe in the agony of the ever burning, ever crying, ever cringing Sun.

The Earth cried for days and nights
The Sun burned in agony and pain.
What the Gods thought is not my thought,
What the Gods did should not be the work of Gods!

[It was removed from the blog for a few months, however it ends up being back!]

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