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सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा, सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा...

रवि तो चेनाब पुछदा,

"की हाल है सतलुज दा?"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Woman,mighty is thy name.....

Stroll through a posh locality in the evening, you’ll find yourself in an ambience of fragrance of scents. A half clad angelic form whisks by your side—ruddy cheeks, ruby lips, flamboyant attire, curly locks, poignant eyes and all curves exposed slyly. Her fantastic sight arouses the ogler in you. You have to glance at her, you may mean it stealthily. But it must register with her or else you’ve treaded on her corns. After all what for has she appraised herself before the mirror for an hour? Just to entice her Romeos…. Be courteous to her for she is ‘Eve’, the temptress of Adam.

The Adam in man is inherent. He has not turned his eyes from the temptress. In this machismo culture, women remains a commodity well adorned individually, well placed in the showcase of social showroom-a figure to be had- merely an thing to satisfy man’s passions. She is meant to be kept confined to heart and home. She is ordained to remain in his ambit. Her tragedy is that she has accepted her role nay she is coquettish about it. Cosmetics are her life buoys. Tempting and enticing man is her perpetual interest at the same time lambasting man for his masculine culture is her pet hobby-what a paradox.

There is a notion that the status of women has undergone an overhauling in the past few decades. Names of various eminent women are cited to justify this notion. But does this advocate the fact that women enjoy a respectable position in this machismo world? All this is a mere hoax. The words of William Shakespeare “Frailty thy name is women” have left a permanent etching on my thought process. Such contemptuous remarks were again echoed by Khushwant Singh who referred women as a ‘perpetual parasite’ on male from the cradle to the grave—on a father before tying a nuptial knot, on a husband as a better half and on son as the ‘evening’ of her life.

How can one doubt on the strength of a woman, knowing that, even as a neonate she did endure the shock given by her own ‘not- so happy’ parents at the time of her birth. During her teenage she valiantly confronted the persistent gazes of one and all. Then during the later half of her life, she simultaneously did justice to her triple faceted countenance that of a mother, a daughter and a better half to a novice in handling the relationships.

How can an individual who has such a multi faceted dimension to her life be possibly so worthless a creature??
I leave the answer to you readers to decide whether God’s most sublime creation, woman, is just meant to be despised at.
Has she just been created to be kept confined to heart and home………..

Friday, February 12, 2010

In Conversation With God-1;

"Man proposes God disposes." For a supreme soul like me dedicated solely to the uplift-ment of mankind, a few things don't come easy! I belong to the breed of engineers infesting this planet who consider few acts as a lethal sin. Today on this propitious day of Maha Shivratri, in front of Lord Shiva, I am going to make the confession of the sin I did today.

me: "O' mighty and the most puissant Lord Shiva. I come to thy gracious abode to seek forgiveness!"

god:"yes, my son first tell me who are you and what is your model number? then tell me what have you done?"

me:"O omniscient, I am Ajay Kumar, model number 8:05 am,26th january 1990, House number 420 Haryana, India."

god:"My register shows no registered Ajay Kumar in it. Were you illllllll???"

me;"no my lord. I am a perfectly legal born son .sorry it is 1989. the habit of bluffing people on this earth made me think i could even bluff you and postpone my death... "

god:"I am omnipresent, omnipotent and the maruti omni. Yes my register has the following entry---
name:ajay kumar
born:26 jan, 1989
time of birth:delivery order signed at 7:58am, earth timings may vary as per urgency
death:one year after he loses his virginity
unique qualities:flirty, falls in love with every second girl, proposes to every third girl, gets ditched by every girl(and a die hard fan of Jessica Alba) "

(suddenly God shouts in havoc reckoning voice,"Parvati don't come outside. We have a very bad human here.")

god:(husked voice)"how is Jessica these days? The connectivity of metacafe is weak here up in these Himalayas; these politicians need to be taken to task."

me: "lets discuss it some other day. when we have vodka and rum with us. girls sound bad unless you are drunk"

god:"true..true...come to your confession part, you are wasting my time. Katrina has some problems with Salman going on. I have been called in the form of Allah to help. Morever, i have to see the movie My name is Khan, hope Karan Johar doesnt teach us to flee with our moms in this movie! The cosmos was full of eloping gods after KANK."

me:"Today, I put a disgrace to engineering breed. I took bath twice a week.(both time alone)"

god:"YOU SCOUNDREL, A**E HOLE; I send you to this earth for upliftment of mankind. Save water and teach the world the importance of water, and what have you done today you took a bath. You scum bag, you don't deserve to be here. I am going to make sure you don't live another second. I am going to open my third eye now!!!"

me:"NO, my Lord. It is Shivratri today, so I took a bath."

god:"ohhhhh, then it is ok. Take bath on every Maha Shivratri."

happy shivratri:-

Monday, February 8, 2010


"Mr. Prason Christopher Robin" is one big time blogger, he is the official owner of "" and writes under the pen name of "chronicwriter" famous for his red undergarment. Incase, Mr. Thackrey is reading this,which I doubt he will, chronicwriter shall delete his facebook account and deny the links with the blog. One thing I curiously need to know, why do south Indians have names worth giving wrist aches, and in some cases even tongue aches for illustration try to speak "Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha"?

Chronicwriter’s last post "save the tigers in the woods", did put me in a funny state. I read his blogs fortnightly not on a daily basis. So yesterday while suggesting a few juniors of mine interested in reading blogs, I without hesitation referred them to the ingenious poster-"chronicwriter". A few of my suggestion takers were girls!

A few moments later when I for my own updating turned to chronicwriter's blog, I was surprised to see his first adult post(it's not that I didn't enjoy it; he is too awesome not to make anyone laugh). So basically I made a "poo-poo" of myself.

On saturday I had a test in my CAT coaching test, and I am proud to inform everyone despite my best efforts( which include keeping the most beautiful girl's picture near me, copying from the nearby person, giving the test with katrina kaif's name) I topped. Please don't ask me from which side, but I topped!

We had a GD session after that which humorously turned into a fish market. A batch mate of mine, pronounced a beautiful sentence on marriage which ran thus-“marriage is not an institute where you experiment things”. Even in case it’s an institute I am eager to join it, please tell me the exam details. I will work doubly hard and make sure I top this exam, and this time from the front.

While typing this blog I received a chat message on gtalk from a CSE friend:

abhijeetranjan90: tomorrow is total mass bank for cse guys…

ajay: cool;

bt class also consists of girls…

abhijeetranjan90: dey can attnd

ps: 1)I would like to seek forgiveness from miss X for not including her in this post. I tried my level best but could not fit her in here somehow. I promise her a spot in the next one, and no charges.

2) My list for 14th February is up to date and complete, anyone interested can contact me at or

3) This is a free advertisement for chronicwriter, i wont regret the same from his side.