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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Awesomeness of me!!!

It’s after a long time I’m typing down something and a lot has happened since...a lot means literally a lot. First of all in this article I shall be straying from the main purpose for which I built this blog. A panacea for all the “galibs” of my age. I played the part of a girl in my college spoof and believe me it rocked. I shall be patient and do justice to it.

I had to play the part of the legendary Hermione of Harry Potter fame. I was supposed to wear a skirt and an awesome auburn wig on my head. I virtually fell in love with my own appearance! Serious issues apart, and now I take you to the final day. I entered the stage with my back facing the audience. As is expected, the mere feminine outline is enough in engineering colleges to make guys throats whistle and hoot, I received my share of shoutings. I waited patiently. Primarily because I was enjoying the scenario and more than that I was more excited for their reaction on the next part.
I turned and woo.... they were flabbergasted. They were beating each other and crying over their stomachs on what they had hooted. With all the girlish expressions overly exaggerated and performed with undue amount of finesse I completed my job. And so did the spectators on whistling at each of my feminine etiquette.
The crowd was laughing as hell and their fawning was getting more and more boisterous. Needless to say I enjoyed it a lot and so did the people. However I do pity the frustrated guys who till the end didn’t figure out that Hermione was a boy.

With love to one and all,
Yours lovingly,
Hermione Granger.