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सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा, सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा...

रवि तो चेनाब पुछदा,

"की हाल है सतलुज दा?"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to the museum part 1- “Kinder garten”

The honourable, greatness personified, the legendary Ajay Kumar- My certificates state I was born in 1990. My parents however till date argue between each other in which year I was born. My birth was a matter of happiness to the whole of India and Australia. Both the nations distributed sweets on the fruitful timing and date of my birth, therefore I call myself honorable.

I had a frequent habit of falling in love. My history of crushes goes long back when I had just entered school. There was a girl named "Roo" in kindergarten and her nose used to flood with a frequency of .6Hz, and I had a crush on her.

On one fine day
she came upto me with her nose hidden behind her handkerchief and said, “Ajay, I am leaving. Bye…”

The scene was extremely melodramatic. I did not go to school the next day, and the day next to that. I decided to miss a day’s food in her honour. However, as soon as evening came Chandrama entered my life. She was not as sweet as “Roo” however her chubbiness and cuteness gave competition to “Kavita”. Kavita was the bombshell of my Kindergarten school, and the fisrt girl of my life I shall call ‘Sexy’! The whole school fought to have lunch with her. She used to bring buttered bread in her lunch box, and the boys sitting around her used to bring chocolates for her everyday. She used to exchange her tiffin boxes with the admirers of her. As I always used to take half burnt rotis to school, I never dared to exchange my tiffin box with her, so I settled for Chandrama. She had no problems with my half burnt rotis. She never touched it is a different matter altogether.

Time moved on, Chandrama and I came closer. We started sitting on the same seats in the school bus.

On another fine day
on which Chandrama was absent on account of typhoid Purbita came and took the seat beside me. My heart started beating faster. I was too happy that day. She was the best friend of ‘Kavita’. My small mind played the first politics of my life. Our conversation went as such-

HH(His highness) Ajay Kumar- “who all are your friends? Will you introduce me to them?”

Purbita- “My friends are Sabya, Nishith, Shristi and Meher. I had fight with Kavita yesterday. I won’t talk to her ever. Yeah I will---”

By the time she completed the list I got up from my seat and took to my heels. I ran from the seat and went beside Kishore. The boy I believed to have come from Nigeria. I did not talk to Purbita for the next three years.

Ultimately I was successful in dating (lunching) with Kavita. I had somehow convinced my mother to give me bread and chocolate that day. I wore washed and ironed dress, polished my shoes myself and TOOK A BATH on a rainy day. The palpitating beats of my heart were at an all time high. It was raining heavily that day, and most of the boys were absent. Chandrama was absent too. Probably her mother thought it better not to disturb her sleep. So on the fortunate day of 19th august, 1994 I dated my first sweet heart ‘Kavita’.

However, our relationship did not last long. On the next day I saw her eating with Nishith. I went up to him and broke his nose. His nose is still crooked.

With every blow I delivered I said, “How dare you eat with my girlfriend? Kutte, I will finish you off.”

It was good the Kavita chapter came to an end. After a few months she looked like-