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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Traveling Sick!

In case I sum up the total distance I traveled last week, the longest train route shall be runners up in comparison! I started from Himachal on 10th, spend more than three hours on the following three days in DTC buses, and on 14th started from Delhi for Orissa; covering a major section on the axis of the seventh largest nation on the planet Earth. The first thing I did as soon as I entered my home was to apply a pain relief ointment on my already heavily swollen butts. They seem to be at rest while I am writing this post. At least they are not stiff any more!

A reprieve from my not so entertaining journey (well 30 hours continuous journey every six months takes a traveler out of even Edmund Hillary; and I am not Edmund Hillary!) were two beauties sitting 16 seats away and all I got as my neighbors were four military men who every five minutes had the habit of sparking an abuse from their mouth. My best moment was when one of the beauties came up to me and said, "excuse me".

Basically I was standing on the way to wash basin so she wanted me to give way.
I smiled and enthusiastically replied with a big smile on my face-“sure!”
Can you sit down with me and have a talk; and did some one ever tell you your nose is indeed very beautiful!

I wanted to stand and stare at her but thought of the scenario and the trouble I might end up in. Minutes later I saw her walking with a hefty body builder who would have rolled the lover/flirter out of me in a single smack! I took the clue and settled upon looking at person who was not injurious to my health. The four military men were at least not injurious till the night came in. They were drunk after that!

Thanks to chronicwriter I became a bathroom writer today(refer to his section on how to deal with competitons in love on post no 366). I wrote two phone numbers on the already wonderful beautiful walls of the Indian Railway bathrooms and added the name of X from my previous post in front of it. I seriously hope those two who at some stage gave me competition are enjoying attending calls from “avid readers”!

I reached home safe and sound. A special thanks to all the naxalites, terrorists, brothers and sisters of Headley, Kasab and alike for not knowing my train number.