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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I want my children to live in a developed India. Do you?

Just a few days back I received a mail subjected as- Kalam's Hyderabad speech. No Indian with a properly balanced head would directly delete it, anyone would at least give it a look(though in some cases, mostly his lectures tend to go OTH (over the head), no offence.Our mind statuses are at a bit different levels). If any one hasn't read contact me I will make it a point to mail it him. People like kalam, Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, all had a vision, a common vision to take India to a level where we are no more looked to as the third world! They worked, and Kalam is indeed working till today, I might be surprised if he doesn't ask himself to be buried in DRDO or in ISRO campus.

And on another hand we have people like JE's of Delhi, I don't even consider him worthy enough to remember his name, who never in their life earned more than 40k per month staying in bungalows worth three to four crores. Recently, I was at my maternal uncles house, and he along with his family was invited to a party thrown by the JE of the area. The party was thrown on account that he had bought a new car, to add to his account of already two cars. My uncle is a contractor and I along with you can easily see through how they became acquaintances. Through out the event I was in a rebellious mood, in a mood to shout at all the people in the nation, go and sell your sisters as you have already sold your mother at the petty hands of nickel coins. Still, life teaches you many things, out of that one is to keep your mouth shut at such occasions.

Corruption is prevalent, there are no two views on that. Yet, what are we doing to curtail it? Whenever we go to the market to buy a kilo of potatoes costing us 8 rupees, and we give a ten rupee note to the vendor. Do any one of us leave two rupees and return back? Most probably, none of us. However, we do nothing to know why the road in front of our house is not repaired? Where has the money to be spent in its repairment gone? We simply bitch about the falling standards of the politicians, do we do any thing to put a chain in their necks? We do nothing of that sort. We simply wait for another Medha Patkar to reason our cause and fight for us.

The nation has given us a fundamental right- Right To Information. Please learn about it, and use it. It empowers you to ask the MP of your area how did you spend the money given to you for development. Indirectly you ask him, how did you spend the money I paid as tax. Does any one stop you from speaking in front of the media, or in the street during a street play? None, because Right To speech is known to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Take RTI to that stage. I pray to all the readers next time you don't get your driving license, pass port, No Objection Certificate, Domicile and you think you really deserve it, please don't bribe the bloody scoundrel sitting on the other side of the table. Go for RTI.

(special thanks to Raajev for the Kalam mail, and the MBA students of my college for the RTI workshop)


sujil varityake said...

nice one man

sp.ajay said...

thanx yaar...the speech is pretty awesome, if you have read it...

workhard said...

That was very well written.. havent heard the speech but will do..

It is really sad to know that corruption prevails today at a very remarkable level in our country... no one is an active participant.. in curbing it...
Nothing seems to be systematic..

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divsi said...

thats a meaningful post! very well written...the canker of corruption right frm a poen to a minister so evident so prominent yet no respite!

ecstatic shimmeR said...

india sure needs some heads like yours. we wander around, making points at the wrongs. lets not point, lets make it a point to change.

Rang De Basanti rightly said - koi bhi dekh perfect nahi hota, use behtar banana padta hai.

sp.ajay said...

@workhard:-thanks for realizing the problem;

@divsi:-we have to do something as Indians

@ecstatic shimmer:-hmm... siddharth well said it in RDB;