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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finding Neverland-3

Dear Ramya,
Dearest Ramya,

It has been a long time since you bade goodbye. The cities have changed a lot since then, as a matter of fact the world geography has been altered too. A few new countries have come into existence. However, as far as my heart is concerned nothing has changed. My heart is still alone and longs for your company.

Do you remember the last time we sat on the roof of our house. It was a full moon night and your black glistening hair fell carelessly on your back. A slight breeze swept across wafting a tuft of your hair onto my face. The smell of your hair is still fresh in my senses. The moment the hair landed on my face, a secret desire took birth in me; desire to preserve and consecrate the moment, and prolong it till the existence of the mankind. Was it less than being high on Marijuana? Probably no! It was a different high. I miss your presence on the roof deeply.

Life had given me immense happiness when you were with me. It appears your dainty presence was the bringer of happiness. Do you recall our college days? Half of the boys of our batch used to flirt with you. Your smile was so beautiful that the poor boys were helpless and found themselves drawn towards you by an inexplicable force. The dent on your right cheek, no matter how many times you flashed it, lured boys to see it appear once more. I miss your smile!

It has been an year since you left. Every-night of the last year I have found myself staring at the moon. The moon bears similarity to me- it’s as lonely as I am. Its presence gives me strength to go on, and at the same time reminds me of my loss. Don't ask me, how I come out alive of no moon nights. At moments when I am frustrated and tired and on the verge of crying I abuse god; I curse him for being cruel and heartless. Moments later, your face gets flashed before my eyes. I feel ashamed of cursing and seek an apology. You had immense faith in Him.

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Suvi said...

one word.. "speechless!".

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Reminds me of 'The Tale of Two cities', when Lucie would faithfully walk up to the base of the prison bastion, and stand there for hours, hoping, her love, Charles, waiting in anticipation, and praying!

A good one!

Blasphemous Aesthete