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सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा, सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा...

रवि तो चेनाब पुछदा,

"की हाल है सतलुज दा?"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Treading the troubled lane...

I wake up in the morning,
A beautiful dawn awaits.
With the firmament so blue,
And sunlight of crimson hue.
Birds chirping their morning raga,
The people continuing their daily saga…

Ambling down the city streets,
I witnessed the hell lying beneath my feet.
Nay the heavens cursed the mob,
All the happiness of their life it did rob.
The grave gravity of clouds had camouflaged the city,
People started to pray to God and their deity…

The earth shook like an unsteady chair,
With the sooty gunpowder filling the air.
One could see pools of blood watering the land,
Once a living being was now turned into mere sand.
The wails of women, the innocent cries of a child,
Reverberated and turned everyone wild…

And now the bureaucrats come forward to compensate,
I doubt their wisdom as they can’t see it is too late.
Can this compensation bring those innocent people back to life?
Will it prevent their beloveds from living a life full of misery and strife?
Such defensive and irrational measures will,
Surely add grist to the Maoist mill…


sp.ajay said...

seems operation green hunt is on every ones lips...

poetry is simply an awesome way to put down words, and you have once again done it beautifully...

from my heart said...

Very well written..This poem reminds me of a poem written by Thomas Hardy- The man he killed. The last stanza is all the more touching.

Anonymous Someone said...

As the lines grow longer, words seem to cut deeper.

Nice one, yet again.


Nice one.