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सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा, सानू सौदा नहीं पुखदा...

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A gonna be "legend" is back!

On the onset i would like to thank all those who commented and never grew tired of wiling my absence. Unfortunately most of the comments were anonymously send in Chinese, but surely i believe they were appraisals for my previous posts and wanted the reputed miss X back. I missed all of you, and especially the site links and pics which the chinese links directed to!

For a lower level sample of the directed site visit-

Long ago, a score years back i had a dream. In my dream the sexiest lady of all times (the one above is awesomely grotesque bitch in front of her) came to my dream and said, "one day you will lead an astray blogger to the path of glory!"

And as you all know today chronicwriter is famous and blogspots most known comic blogger.

Moving on, i have once again forgotten the last time i took a bath. However, as per my personal statistical average and my room mates it was not long ago; and as we have our final semester papers going on i am quite sure the auspicious moment is yet to come. To add to my worries is the dog who keeps on stealing my underwear. He has grown immense fondness for my underwear, and has stolen two of mine till date. He gifts the pilfered memento to his wife (i believe). May god do her good!

My papers will be ending on 12th and i believe the mess in which my room is will be relieved on the same day.

I became the student's editor of the annual magazine "SRIJAN" of my institute; so next year if you find a dumb,literature-less or with too much literature, less colourful or extra colourful, flamboyant or lusterless or for that matter anything as per your dislike then all the disputes are subjected to only.

I am spending this summer in Ericsson India pvt. Limited, Noida and I am praying every night before going to sleep.

"Dear God, please let the receptionist be damn hot and unmarried."

I have started working upon my looks, and presently i look much hotter than Bradd and Butler combined.

NB: 1) NOT TOO LONG is a milder way of saying it was at least two weeks ago!
2) Bradd and Butler never meant Brad Pitt and Gerard butler. Both of them are unmarried stock past the age of 40 living in my colony.
3) Bush came to visit me yesterday and as i was busy I refused to meet him.
(I had a phone call from my childhood crush She had called me bro by mistake and i was
squabbling over it.)


Anonymous Someone said...

Congrats for having broken the cycle today, I hope there are more visitors to this blog than that are inbound to your room after seeing this clutter.

Elisha is a gorgeous lady and I refuse to hear any 'B' word for her until my notion is broken.

I guess, your chaddis are distant relatives of ChronicWriters Red Underwear. Only that his underwear finds better places.(Refer to his last post where it appeared in wimbeldon courts, Nithyananda's room might just be an accident)

And best of luck for the Training. I hope Indian corporates have ample decorations for NSP.

Congratulations for being elected the Srijan's editor. You literally own the magazine now. So do offer me a Cappecino sometimes.

sp.ajay said...

chill yaar...nithyananda has important screwings to do apart from stitching my old used underwears;

Suvi said...

ill put it down in points:
1. Asshole where were you all these days?..

2. The first thing.. those comments in chinese?.. well they were no praises remember?.. dun force me to write down what they were in english.. haha!

3. The first pic link.. bloody hell.. how the hell did yu even think of calling her "grotesque bitch"??.. ill kill yu for calling her names..

4. About the bath thingy!.. People let me elucidate.. last week we went over to the juice bar to give one of our seniors a farewell party. And guess wad he had all astray flies hovering around him instead of the spoiled food!.. tat explains his hygiene conditions.

5. The underwear stealing dog.. "I guess now I know the reason of the growth of puppy population in our hostel".. haha!

6. Srijan!.. haha!..

7. Sony Ericsson.. lol.. ugly babes is all yu will get but i know yu would still hit on them as if they were the angels of the court of Lord Indra.. Bloody Pervert!..

8. muhahahahahahhahaha!.. hehehehehehehehehehe!.. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu!.. hohohohohohohohohoho!..
Look at yourself again.. that's all i haf got for the second last par.!

9. Get over your disease of self obsession!

10. Woof..! the last one!.. Why do all your crushes land up calling you bro??.. Dude if it continues like this.. You know who is going to tighten the knot of Rakhi on your right hand this august!.. lol lol :P :P

"Maza aa gaya!". As always it feels good to see an able student of mine like you writing such excellent blog post!.. lol :P

from my heart said...

Ajay, i had been to Ericsson office at Noida and to your utter disdain i must tell you that there is no receptionist there..Just an imposing securityman who would freak you out if you are not carrying your id card with you..

ecstatic shimmeR said...

in all, written well. but i hope not to see stuff like this next year in srijan. no offense, although.

to much literary srijan will be a delight to read and hopefully less on appearance and more on beauty is done, now as you have taken the charge as the editor.
GoodLuck :) you got some crazy readers to satisfy.

sp.ajay said...

thanks rajat. i am sorry for the last three lines in the published poem of yours.

i will try my best for the purpose.

Anya said...

Hi Ajay

Thanks for your visit and comment
you are welcome its only fun :))

Great blog you have
very interesting !!!
Is that your room with so many m...

Enjoy your evening

Shruthi said...

Why did you mention Gerard? Now I cant work :P *sigh*
And err is that a keyboard on your bag? No, seriously? :D
Good luck with the hot unmarried receptionist and your new assignment ;)

sp.ajay said...

@shruti- ya, that is a keyboard on my bag. it betrayed me a week ago before the post.

haa..haa..i hope there is a female receptionsist!